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1: NGOs Facilitating Internal Governance Processes in Community Forestry Initiatives

Publication date30 Sep 2022
PublisherTropical Conservation Science

A recent multi-country review assessed the ways in which community forest tenure models contribute to local livelihoods and forest...

2: Scaling up community forestry for climate, biodiversity and social inclusion. Annual Report 2020–2021

Publication date05 Aug 2022

This annual report covers the period from October 2020 to September 2021. As we release this report, we continue to struggle with the...

3: Rising to the challenges of climate change

Publication date17 Jun 2022

As the world marshals to mitigate climate change, RECOFTC is working with forest communities to capture the benefits of carbon markets...

4: Assessing the effectiveness of civil society networks

Publication date01 Dec 2021

This guide is designed to help civil society networks conduct a participatory self-assessment to evaluate their effectiveness and identify...

5: Defining and assessing the effectiveness of civil society networks working on forest governance issues in Africa and Asia

Publication date01 Dec 2021
Author(s)Zora Touko Batupe, Robin aus der Beek, Nathalie Faure, Aurelian Mbzibain, Habiba Mohamed, Horline Njike

This report provides insights into the multifaceted nature of ‘effectiveness’ as it applies to networks of environmental civil society...