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1: South Asia Forest Tenure Assessment

Publication date01 Feb 2012
Author(s)Ganga Ram Dahal; Krishna Adhikari

An increasing body of evidence shows that forest governance and tenure reforms are central to mitigating a number of problems related to...

2: Insight: Notes from the Field, Issue III - Innovative Approaches with Non-Timber Forest Products

Publication date01 Jan 2008
Editors(s)Mikaela Nilsson Rosander; Erica Lee

Debate over the potential of NTFPs for achieving ecosystem conservation and poverty alleviation has grown in the past decade. Concern has...

3: Contribution of Community Forestry to Protected Areas Management

Publication date01 Jun 2006
Author(s)Karma J. Temphel; Hans J.J. Beukeboom
Editors(s)Tracy Meyer; Peter Stephens; Hans JJ. Beukeboom

In most countries in the region, local communities' use of forest resources is strictly regulated. The strategy of managing forests...