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1: Mainstreaming Gender into Forest Policies

Publication date01 Feb 2013

It has been proven time and again that integrating gender issues into forestry policies and practices by addressing women’s roles and needs...

2: South Asia Forest Tenure Assessment

Publication date01 Feb 2012
Author(s)Ganga Ram Dahal; Krishna Adhikari

An increasing body of evidence shows that forest governance and tenure reforms are central to mitigating a number of problems related to...

3: REDD-Net Asia-Pacific Bulletin #4: Gender and REDD+

Publication date01 May 2011
Editors(s)Regan Suzuki
PublisherRECOFTC; Overseas Development Institute; CATIE; Uganda Coalition for Sustainable Development

International discussions on REDD+ and climate change have explicitly addressed the needs of indigenous peoples. However, to date, efforts...

4: Insight: Notes from the Field, Issue III - Innovative Approaches with Non-Timber Forest Products

Publication date01 Jan 2008
Editors(s)Mikaela Nilsson Rosander; Erica Lee

Debate over the potential of NTFPs for achieving ecosystem conservation and poverty alleviation has grown in the past decade. Concern has...

5: Insight: Notes from the Field, Issue II

Publication date01 Jan 2007
Author(s)Mikaela Nilsson Rosander
Editors(s)Erica Lee
PublisherRECOFTC; Winrock International; ICRAF

A collection of practical experiences and lessons on Payments for Environmental Services (PES) This publication aims to facilitate the...