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1: Facilitating agreements for community–private sector partnerships in forest landscapes in Lao PDR

Publication date02 Jun 2021
Author(s)Chay Senkhammoungkhoun

This guide helps practitioners facilitate partnership agreements for the sustainable trade of forest products and/or services in the...

2: Linking Adaptation and Mitigation through Community Forestry: Case Studies from Asia

Publication date01 Aug 2012
Editors(s)Regan Suzuki

"The main argument for community forestry, in the context of climate change, is that it responds to multiple interests. Forests, and in...

3: The struggle over Asia’s forests: An overview of forest conflict and potential implications for REDD+

Publication date01 Mar 2012
Author(s)Yasmi, Y.; Kelley, L.; Murdiyarso, D.; Patel, T
PublisherCommonwealth Forestry Association

The management of Asia’s forests affects diverse stakeholders and interests, inevitably resulting in conflict. This study focuses on...

4: Forests and Landslides: The Role of Forests and Forestry in the Prevention and Rehabilitation of Landslides in Asia

Publication date01 Jan 2012

Trees and forests play important roles in reducing landslide risk through various mechanisms. Tree roots reinforce soil layers, anchor the...

5: Breaking Walls, Building Bridges: Conflict Management in the Tropical Timber Industry

Publication date01 Aug 2011
Author(s)Celina Yong; Toon De Bruyn; Yurdi Yasmi; David Gritten

Due to growing environmentally and socially aware markets on a global level, as well as on a regional level, and with more recent gains for...