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1: Forests in the face of Global Change: Results of a Global Survey of Professionals

Publication date21 Nov 2023
Author(s)Himes, A., Bauhus, J., Adhikari, S. et al.

The report, "Forests in the Face of Global Change: Results of a Global Survey of Professionals" by Himes et al. (2023), offers a...

2: Learning and living our elders’ wisdom: Youth power for land, forests and territories in Asia

Publication date17 Nov 2023
Publisher16 organizations across Asia spanning youth groups, Indigenous networks, and ally organizations

This comprehensive report, co-authored by 16 organizations across Asia, including youth groups and Indigenous networks, focuses on the...

3: Community-based Fire Management

Publication date25 Sep 2023

The Community-based Fire Management (CBFiM) project assists communities and governments in the Asia-Pacific region to reduce the frequency...

4: Strategic Plan 2023–2028

Publication date14 Sep 2023

RECOFTC strives for a world where resilient communities with respected rights thrive in forest landscapes that they manage sustainably and...

5: Community forestry models in Asia-Pacific

Publication date30 May 2023

This publication is a compilation of infosheets that provide overview of the formal community forestry models in RECOFTC’s seven countries...