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Agroforestry for climate-resilient landscapes

23 Apr 2020
RECOFTC, ICRAF, ASEAN Working Group on Social Forestry
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Agroforestry for climate-resilient landscapes

RECOFTC, in partnership with ICRAF, has developed a regional training manual on agroforestry for climate-resilient landscapes with the objective to train future extensionists and practitioners working on agroforestry. To ensure the efficacy of the manual, each training sessions has been tested with a range of audiences at national and international levels. These include mid-level government officers, NGO staff and academics from Thailand, Myanmar and Viet Nam. The authors encourage users to adapt, modify and improve the sessions and handouts in order to suit their specific objectives, audiences and contexts. It is important to note, however, that the effectiveness of the sessions will depend on the personal innovation, field experience and confidence of the trainers.

The manual covers key aspects of agroforestry development in the context of climate-resilient landscapes. Its technical guidelines will help agroforestry practitioners assist farmers in designing, establishing and managing agroforestry systems on their farms and forest lands. The skills and knowledge gained can be applied to peatlands, uplands, lowlands, or other land categories. Additionally, the manual provides basic materials and tools for practitioners to use following the course. These guidelines and tools are particularly useful in the context of community forestry, forest landscape restoration and climate change in ASEAN Member States.