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1: Forests in the face of Global Change: Results of a Global Survey of Professionals

Publication date21 Nov 2023
Author(s)Himes, A., Bauhus, J., Adhikari, S. et al.

2: NGOs Facilitating Internal Governance Processes in Community Forestry Initiatives

Publication date30 Sep 2022
PublisherTropical Conservation Science

4: Access to Markets: Ensuring Forest Communities in Myanmar Benefit from Their Timber

Publication date11 Jun 2018
Author(s)Martin Greijmans, David Gritten, Lina Jihadah, Aung Kyaw Naing, Lok Mani Sapkota

5: Community Forestry and Forest Landscape Restoration: Attracting Sustainable Investments for Restoring Degraded Land in Southeast Asia

Publication date01 Jun 2018
Author(s)David Gritten, Martin Greijmans, Lina Jihadah, Ronnakorn Triraganon